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How to Make Money on Writing Texts Just From Your Home

For people who are passionate about writing, the Internet is a good place for them to make a long term income. The web publishers have a continuous demand for unique content and articles. So, you can become a freelance or article writer to provide your writing service to the web publishers.

Digital Point Forum: Step-by-Step Guide

One of the best places to start a small freelance writing business is the Digital Point Forum. This is the forum that the web publishers, bloggers and Internet marketers around the world are met and discussing web publishing. Many of them are purchasing content and articles in the forum. So you can start off by offering your writing service there. It involves four easy steps to start selling article service in the DP forum:

  • Join the forum and participate in the discussion;
  • Once you have been a member more than 14 days and your post count reached 25, you can begin to post an ad in the Digital Point Buy, Sell and Trade section;
  • Write an ad about the writing service you are offering and post the ad up to Digital Point Buy, Sell and Trade section;
  • Wait for the article orders to come.

Where to Start?

Where to Start Writing

To make your offer compelling, you should start off with a low price service ($3 per 400 words article on any topic). Also, you should include links to your previous work samples or you can just copy and paste part of your previous work sample into your ad, letting people read your offer and see your sample of work at the same time. Anyone interested will then contact and request you to write the topics or titles they want.

In addition to that, you can sell pre-written articles in another section of Digital Point Marketplace. Pre-written articles are articles that you have already written and which are ready for publication. Often Pre-written articles are sold in one pack consisting of 3, 5 or 10 articles.

You can sell pre-written articles on any topic but I would suggest you focus on topics like Internet marketing, SEO, blogging, Twitter, make money online, WordPress, affiliate marketing and some other related topics. The buyers often like to order articles on these topics.

Write for the Content Networks

The well-known content network like Associated Content, Hub Pages and how are rewarding authors who contribute content to them. You choose any topic you like to write and publish as many articles as you want. In return, the content networks will share the advertising revenue generated from all your article pages.

Write Your Own Blog

Write Your Own Blog

Blogging is enjoying. You can share your life or things that you know to others. You can keep posting interesting stuff on your blog to attract visitors. Once you have gained consistent blog traffic, you can begin to monetize your traffic.

There are many advertising programs that you join and display ads on you to earn revenue. Google AdSense, Yahoo Publisher Network, Bidvertisers are some of the well-known advertising programs you can use on your blog. Also, a few other ideas of making money from a blog are selling a direct ad, promoting affiliate products or service, etc.

As you see, your writing talent can bring you a great profit. You need only to decide where to direct your skills. If it isn’t your case, check out other ways to make money online and choose the most suitable for you.

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