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How to Start Freelance Career?

The freelance working seems like a perfect world with a free schedule, home comforts, a favorite activity, and a good income. In fact, it often turns out to be the opposite: unstable income provokes taking online payday loans; a constant search for orders means an irregular schedule; deadlines that overlap each other and as a result lack of personal space and the inability to concentrate.

You can avoid some of these problems. We have collected top tips for those who start working as a freelancer and make money online.

Upgrade Specialization

Start Freelance Career

Your income directly depends on your professional development. Intensives, workshops, online courses help to expand skills and, in some cases, make useful links.

If you are selling online, get a Google AdWords certificate. You can do it yourself. If you are engaged in the design, look at the lessons on By the way, a thoughtful and regularly updated blog also helps to attract additional customers.

Meet People

Meet People

Of course, you can find work on the websites for freelancers. But it will bring more benefits to visit conferences, read thematic blogs on social networks, get acquainted with the creators of potentially interesting projects for you. Learn to negotiate, read Jim Kemp’s “Start with NO” and Gavin Kennedy’s “You Can Agree on Everything”. Acquaintances are converted into future orders and successful cooperation.

Learn New Tools

Tools for Freelancer

Skype, Dropbox, Google Drive, Slack, Photoshop, Visual Studio, Corel Draw, Rational Rose – all these apps make life easier for a freelancer.

Take it as a rule: in the case of any contradictions, it is better to discuss everything verbally, and not in long correspondence. Store documents in cloud storages that they are available to all project participants at any time. With the help of screenshot it is convenient to demonstrate the results of work and comment on images. Use modern tools to be in trend.

Sole Proprietorship


This is a new level and step development for any freelancer. It is not always convenient for large customers to work with individuals. Sole Proprietorship is quite another thing: it is convenient to transfer money and do not think about taxes.

You will have to think about taxes to make money online legally, but there are special accounting systems for this. Even such systems make it easy to bill customers and track their payment.

Make a Contract

make a Contract

Let you have a ready-made template of contract, which will be simple and convenient for you. There are simple contract templates without huge excerpts from the Civil Code – it will be easy for both sides to figure it out, while legally it will fully comply with all the norms.

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